The Hobart College association is comprised of community members, parents, staff and students involved with Hobart College.
The aim of the association is to establish and promote partnerships between the college, students, parents and community members. The group aims to provide a forum for community members, parents, students and staff to work cooperatively and to facilitate discussion between these stakeholders to ensure that students are provided with the means for achieving their highest potential.
Meeting dates scheduled for 2018 are Term 2 8/5 and 12/6 Term 3 28/8 Term 4 30/10 and 20/11. New and past members welcome.
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Agenda June 12th 2018

Minutes Committee Meeting 8th May 2018     Principals Report 8th May 2018

AGM School Association Minutes 2018-03-13    Minutes Committee Meeting 13th March 2018

Principals Report 12th June 2018   Agenda August 28th 2018   Minutes Committee Meeting 12th June 2018

Agenda October 30th 2018   Item 3 – Levy   Minutes Committee Meeting 28th August 2018

Principals Report 28th August 2018   School specific Respectful Behaviour Policy