Frequently Asked Questions

How many subjects do I have to study on a full-time load in Year 11 or 12?

Generally, students will study 4 full-year subjects, with 1 study line. Check out our timetable at

Some students might study a 5th subject like the College Musical (must be studied on Line 3 in 2021) or Adventure Recreation 2 – Expedition (which includes 3-4 weekend commitments, as well as lunchtime classes once a week).

How long are the lessons?

One and a half hours. Check out our timetable at

Do my results from Grade 10 affect what I can enrol in for Years 11 and 12?

Some subjects require a pre-requisite course to be studied prior to entry. For example, Maths Methods 3 Foundation (or equivalent) must be studied in Grade 10 if you want to study Maths Methods 4 in Year 11 (and this will allow you to study Maths Specialised 4 in Year 12).  Or, to study Chemistry 4 or Physics 4, you will need to study Physical Sciences 3 in Year 11.

To study many of the pre-tertiary (Level 3 and 4) subjects in Year 11, you will need a solid English and/or Maths result (strong B or better) from Grade 10; so your results DO matter!

If you do not have the required background or skills to enter pre-tertiary subjects then we suggest that you take some Foundation subjects in Year 11 that will prepare you for pre-tertiary studies in Year 12.

What are the homework requirements for subjects?

All Level 3 and 4 subjects will require a minimum of 3-4 hours of homework per week outside of scheduled classes.

Level 2 subjects will have some homework, but it depends on the course requirements. Your teacher will clarify the expectations at the start of the year.

What do I do on the study line when I don’t have a scheduled class?

The Library is an excellent place to study and is very well resourced with desktop and laptop computers, study desks and break-out spaces, books, newspapers and journals. Our supportive Library staff can help you with researching, referencing and writing bibliographies, along with a wide range of other services.

Most parents/carers consent for their student to have some flexibility with their timetabled study line to arrive later or finish earlier one day a week. Some students might leave the campus during their study line to attend to out of school commitments such as driving lessons, doctors and other appointments.

Some parents/carers indicate they want their student to remain on campus during the study line. A formal process for this is organised at the start of the year.

Can I do 4 x Level 3 subjects in Year 11?

While it is possible, it is definitely not recommended. For students on a university pathway, your ATAR is calculated based on the Tertiary Entrance score (TES).  This is found by adding up the best five pre-tertiary (that is, Level 3 and 4) subject scores over Years 11 and 12 – three of these must be studied in Year 12, and then the two next best results. This means that a MAXIMUM of two pre-tertiary (Level 3 and 4) subject scores will be used from your studies in Year 11. A student might choose to study more than two Level 3 and 4 subjects, but ONLY TWO will be counted towards the TES.

All Tasmanian Tertiary Entrance Scores are ranked and the ATAR is the percentile ranking within the Tasmanian cohort.

More information about ATAR and TES can be found at University entrance - TASC

What supports are in place for students with additional learning needs?

We have a well-resourced Learning Support Program, run by highly skilled and experienced staff.  For more information, please contact the Hobart College Office on 6220 3133 and they will put you in touch with our Learning Support Leader.

Do I have to study an English subject?

Not necessarily.  But the majority of our English courses contain the ‘Literacy tick’ which is a requirement of the TCE.  Studying an English subject is the recommended way of obtaining the Literacy tick.

Also remember that most mainland universities require a pre-tertiary English to have been studied in either Year 11 or 12, so you should definitely study one in either Year 11 and/or 12 if you are thinking about studying outside of Tasmania.

The range of English subjects on offer in 2021 at Hobart College can be found at:

Do I have to study a Maths subject?

Not necessarily.  But, the majority of our Maths courses contain the ‘Numeracy tick’ which is a requirement of the TCE.  Studying a Maths course is the recommended way of obtaining the Numeracy tick.

The range of Maths subjects on offer in 2021 at Hobart College can be found at:

What is the TCE?

The TCE stands for the Tasmanian Certificate of Education.  It is the completion certificate for all Year 12 leavers.

For more information, please watch this short video:

To download information, click on

What is VET?

VET stands for Vocational Education and Training.  They are industry-aligned, nationally recognised programs which focus on real-life practical learning and connect to a range of employment opportunities. Each VET course also contains a substantial theory component.

Courses in Tasmania range from Certificate I to Advanced Diploma level. At Hobart College we will offer a range of VET courses in 2021.  General information about VET can be found at

Specific information about the Hobart College VET courses on offer in 2021 can be found at:

What is TASC?

The Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification (TASC) is an independent statutory office responsible to the Tasmanian Minister for Education and Training.

TASC is responsible for the development of appropriate standards, the accreditation of courses, and the assessment and certification of student achievement in senior secondary schooling across all educational sectors in Tasmania.

For more information, visit the TASC website at

How do we get information about enrolling?

If you attend school at Dover District School, Huonville High, Kingston High, Taroona High or Woodbridge School, you will enrol through your school.

If you attend a private/independent or non-government school, please register via the following link.  We will then keep you up to date on our upcoming events and the enrolment procedures.

Non-Associated High School - Expression of Interest for Enrolment Form

How do I find out about subjects on offer at Hobart College in 2023?

Our 2023 Course Information Guide will be available soon.

Can I be enrolled in two places?

Some students might choose to be enrolled as a Shared Enrolment student.  This means they study one or two subjects at Hobart College and the other subjects at another education facility.

For more information about this option, please speak with a course advisor when you enrol.

Can I be enrolled part time?

The Education Act 2016 requires every student to be enrolled full time until they complete Year 12 and/or turn 18 years old or you are on an approved learning plan (such as an apprenticeship).  If you believe you are unable to meet these requirements, please contact the College Office on 6220 3133 and ask to speak with someone in Student Services.

All part-time enrolments must be negotiated with and signed off by the Principal of the College.

Can I change my subjects?

Extensive course counselling goes into every enrolment at Hobart College and there are multiple opportunities for students to explore the best subject options for them prior to the commencement of a new school year. These include enrolment and course adjustment sessions in mid-November and again in January prior to the start of classes. These sessions are provided for students and their parents/carers to speak directly with course advisors in order to develop the most suitable course for students to commit to from Day 1.

In the event that a course is found to be unsuitable, then there are some limited opportunities for course changes to be made through Student Services.  Where course adjustments are required, students are strongly encouraged to make these early in Term 1 in order to ensure they are able to successfully complete the course and gain their TCE.