University Entrance: TES and ATAR

UTAS School’s Recommendation Program

The School’s Recommendation Program is an alternative pathway for Year 12 students to receive a university place.

The University of Tasmania (UTAS) will assess applications holistically based on a number of factors. This means it is not just about formal assessments that would calculate the ATAR.

Criteria for the program will include Year 11 results and an assessment of capabilities and the perspective of those who have taught the student most recently. As the people closest to their schooling, their insights are very important to UTAS.

The entry program operates as an alternate means of entry alongside the ATAR and the TCE.
Please note: Quota courses in Medicine, Nursing and paramedicine are excluded from early offers through this process. However, UTAS will take expressions of interest for these to help prioritise the Tasmanian Year 12 applications.

Applications for Year 12 students are open until November. The UTAS course guide is available at

For more information, please visit the University of Tasmania’s website at or contact the UTAS team’s email address on or speak to one of Hobart College’s course advisors during the enrolment process.