TASC Examinations – Reasonable Adjustments

TASC provides reasonable adjustments to be made for students who, because of a diagnosed disability, are unable to be assessed in the same way as other students.

Adjustments can be applied for in the case of significant health impairment or physical disability, a learning disability (e.g. dyslexia), a hearing or vision impairment, or a diagnosed/significant mental health disorder.

Reasonable adjustments may include additional time to complete examinations, use of a word processor for severe handwriting difficulties, special seating arrangements or the use of a smaller room, permission to take medication or food/drink into the exam (e.g. if diabetic), a reader or scribe, and advice to markers to ignore poor spelling, grammar or handwriting.

For those wishing to apply, please ensure contact is made with one of the College psychologists in Student Services.

Year 12’s who applied last year will be notified shortly whether they will need to complete a new application or not.

More information can be found at: