Policies & Guidelines

Code Of Behaviour Policy

Our aim is for Hobart College to be a harmonious community where everyone is able to enjoy and value learning, work effectively and participate positively in all aspects of College life.

Our responsibilities as a college community :

We all have a right to learn. No-one should behave in a way that may disrupt the work of others through, for example: inappropriate behaviour, absenteeism, excessive noise, lack of punctuality or non-completion of tasks.

We all have a right to be safe. No-one should behave in a way that is inappropriate, aggressive, offensive or likely to cause physical or emotional harm to others through, for example: harassment, making sexist or racist comments (verbally, by email, social network or text), threatening physical violence, pushing, hitting and assault, displaying or being in possession of a weapon or by the dangerous use of a vehicle.

We all have a right to a clean environment and good health. No-one should behave in a way that may damage the College environment and property or compromise the health of others by, for example: smoking, substance abuse, spitting, littering, vandalism, graffiti or theft.

We all have a right to a clean environment and good health. No-one should behave in a way that may damage the College environment and property or compromise the health of others by, for example: smoking, substance abuse, spitting, littering, vandalism, graffiti or theft.

Students are required to follow all reasonable requests from staff to:

      • comply with College policies on, for example, behaviour, use of technology, harassment, smoking, substance abuse
      • be on time for all classes
      • attend all lessons unless there is a genuine reason
      • explain all absences and “catch up” on any work missed
      • complete all work requirements and meet work deadlines for each course
      • seek permission before leaving a class
      • refrain from eating and drinking in scheduled lesson time, unless negotiated with the teacher
      • turn off mobile phones before entering lessons
      • care for our environment and ensure that litter is appropriately disposed of
      • show College ID if requested by a staff member.

The links below will take you to the Department for Education, Children and Young People’s policies and guidelines around Student Behaviour websites. They have some great resources for parents/carers.

Parent Fact Sheet – Student Behaviour

Staying Safe

Online Safety

Student Behaviour Management Policy (education.tas.gov.au)

Attendance Procedures, Responsibilities, and Expectations

A student’s enrolment at Hobart College is conditional upon punctuality and consistent attendance at all classes.

Regular attendance is expected once you are in the workforce and you need to be preparing for this.

If you are too ill to come to classes:
Your parent/carer should contact the Hobart College office on telephone 6220 3133. If you live independently (or you are over the age of 18), you should contact the College Office yourself, just as you would be expected to telephone your employer if you were unable to attend work.

The notified/explained absence will be recorded on our computerised attendance system. SMS alerts are forwarded to parents/carers indicating students’ absences at 4.15pm each afternoon.

On your return:
If you or your parent/carer did not contact the College Office on the day of your absence then a medical certificate and/or note should be given to the office or mailed directly so that our records register a “notified/explained” absence. If you don’t telephone or provide a written note, your absence will be recorded as “unexplained”.
It is also your responsibility to identify and catch up on all work missed during the period of your absence. Discuss your work with your subject teachers and Home Group teacher as soon as possible on your return. They will discuss with you any attendance concerns they have and will contact your parents if problems persist.
Note: You will be marked “Explained Absence” if you are participating in College related excursions, VET placement or work experience. Please remember to inform your Home Group Teacher and subject teachers of the activity.


Students who have queries around CENTRELINK PAYMENTS should speak with Jill Chisholm in the Student Services area – middle level A Block. Students need to be aware that Centrelink conducts reviews of enrolment and attendance of all students during the school year. It is vital to remember that continued and full payments depend on:

      • enrolment in a full-time program
      • attendance at all classes
      • notification and satisfactory explanation of every absence, at the time of the absence
      • provision of a medical certificate to explain extended or frequent absence, or part-time study arrangements.

College records can only be amended in very exceptional circumstances, so the importance of keeping us informed of your situation cannot be over emphasised.


Drug Policy

This policy applies to everyone on the College campus or at College functions or activities.

At Hobart College we promote excellence in the learning outcomes of our students and, therefore, are concerned about the impact of drug or alcohol usage on the individual’s safety and on their ability to concentrate, attend to detail, learn and remember.

Our policy:

The use of tobacco, alcohol and any illegal drugs is prohibited on campus. As a government agency, Hobart College is subject to legislation which prohibits smoking anywhere on the
property, regardless of the individual’s age.

We aim to discourage the demand for and availability of these substances through:

      • harm prevention – by providing students with access to information and advice on drug-related issues
      • harm reduction and management – through intervention if the misuse of drugs is identified. This would usually involve contact with parents and counselling advice that may involve referral to outside agencies.

Disciplinary action may be part of the campus harm reduction/management response and reporting of incidents to the police will occur wherever the law requires it.

It is unacceptable for a person to be on campus if affected by the use of alcohol or other drugs.


Discrimination and Harassment Policy

At Hobart College, friendliness and co-operation are valued. We aim to provide an environment free from discrimination and harassment for both students and staff. Discrimination and harassment come in many forms and may relate to gender, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, social class and disability.

What is Harassment?

It is verbal or physical behaviour (of a sexist or other discriminatory nature), or written word/s in the form of notes, graffiti, emails, social network interactions or text messages which are uninvited, intimidating and/or offensive.

What can you do?

Consult your Home Group teacher, subject teacher, Assistant Principal or Youth Worker, for support and advice about resolving the situation
Object to the behaviour
Do not respond to harassing emails or text messages but keep a record of the harassment
Don’t let ridicule, fear or disbelief stop you from making objections.

Computer Acceptable Use Policy

Hobart College offers students the opportunity to access many computer services through a personal username and password. These services are provided for educational activities that are part of Hobart College programs.

Students must abide by the College ‘Code of Behaviour’ and the ‘Acceptable Use Policy’ when using computer services.

1. The Hobart College Acceptable Use Policy must be signed and returned to the office.

2. Students are requested to bring their own device to college. Hobart College is a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) school.

3. Students are only allowed to access computers through their personal username and
password. Students must not share their username/password with any other students.

COMPUTER ACCESS = The teacher will supply a handout with all the
information needed. Students can also visit the ICT office located in A Block.

4. Students are not permitted to store or communicate material that is outside the television PG (parental guidance) rating. This means: no text, software, graphics, sound or video containing unnecessary violence and nudity, offensive language or demonstrations of illegal drugs that are out of context of subject matter being studied.

College computers use software licensed to Hobart College. Students must not add copy or delete software on campus computers.