Home Group Program

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Home Group runs each Wednesday for one and a half hours and is an important part of your time at Hobart College. It builds on the Home Group/pastoral care support that you had at high school.

Home Group time is used for many activities such as assemblies with guest speakers, student performances and celebrating student achievements. We hold whole campus activities during this time including Harmony Day Activities, Health Focus sessions and Careers expo.

It is also a time when Home Group teachers can help students with issues such as study habits, career plans, health issues or spend time getting to know each other better.

Course selection for Year 11 into Year 12 occurs during Home Group in Term 3 and students will receive specialist assistance with course counselling.

Throughout the year there will be enrichment days where students can opt into extra-curricular activities like rock climbing, RSA, boat licence, barista skills, subject tutorials, and essay writing skills. Fun events held during the year include the trivia quiz, talent quest and the College Lap.