Hobart College recognises that all learners have a responsibility to develop an understanding of academic integrity and plagiarism. The Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards & Certification (TASC) requires that all students submitting work for assessment meet the academic integrity standards as outlined in the TASC Authenticity and Academic Integrity: A Guide.

This guide is available at https://www.tasc.tas.gov.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Authenticity-and-Academic-Integrity-Guide-1.pdf

Hobart College Library offers an academic integrity program to all students as individuals, in groups, or in classes. This program covers:

  • an introduction to referencing and using appropriate referencing  systems to create both in-text references (citations) and reference lists or bibliographies
  • use of referencing tools
  • access to and support with Turnitin (software that assists students in their understanding of academic integrity) or similar academic integrity tool.
  • the concepts of paraphrasing, quoting, and summarising
  • plagiarism and the concept of common knowledge

All students:

  • must acknowledge the sources of information they have used to produce their work. If students use someone else’s words, ideas, or images then that work needs to be referenced
  • are encouraged to make use of assistance from teachers and/or teacher-librarians for referencing and academic integrity
  • should save (for example on Turnitin) any drafts of their work which are to be externally assessed
  • are encouraged to use Turnitin, or similar, for externally assessed folios
  • must be prepared to participate in a consultation process if academic integrity breaches are deemed to have occurred.